Friday, January 28, 2011

Louise Gos: a punky fairytale

I was at my friend's Louise who lives in this amazing house in Montorgueil. She also has her brand of accessories: Louise Gos.

I am totally in love with her designed interior in Technicolor, it looks like a Walt Disney set and her tattoos are simply incredible!! I wanted to share it with you.
Check this out:

Louise just had a baby Lucien :)

She also replied to our interview

Your first tattoo: My stars.
Your favorite: The J on my finger...the first letter of my bf's name.
Your next one: The name of my son Lucien on the wrist.
Best stop deco: Flux.
A place where to get breakfast : My bed or Angelina, Paris Ier.
To brunch : Le pain quotidien, Montorgueil.
To drink : At friends' or for a late drink at Hemingway bar.
To dinner: Chez Pierrot, rue Etienne Marcel.
A garden : Palais Royal.
A flower : Buttercup or old rose.
A matter : Leather.
A taste : Chocolate.
A beauty tip: Never forget to remove the make up and Rêve de miel of Nuxe
Favorite lipstick : Lip pencil and Red Square lipstick from Nars.
A motto : Carpe Diem/ Once upon a time.
A fairytale : Alice in Wonderland.
A heroine character : Tim Burton's characters.
A historical heroine : Patti Smith.
A movie : The First day of the rest of my life/ Magnolia.
An era : The 70's
A city : New York.
A blog Phi Diem's
An eshop Smallable/ Yoox
Favorite object : A scarf that I wear as a headband ( my bf's gift) and a lucky charm in gold.
Object that you are dying for: the city twig claw...
The masterpiece that you consider being lame: Bernard Buffet.
Song that cheers you up Don't stop believing, Glee version
Last sin : The Muppet show dress from Castelbajac
Most inspiring trip New York
The day that everyting changed : The birth of Lucien.
Best fashion memory : First publication in DS

The worst one : A pair of Prada boots that hurt so much...UNWEARABLE


  1. c'est pas compliqué... je veux cette bague !... Louise superbe...!