Monday, January 10, 2011

Nouvelle Vague from Truffaut to Nana

Despite my willingness my weekend was anything but sassy. It was cultural!

I watched Baisers Volés, a movie of François Truffaut's saga. The story deals with the misadventures of Antoine's chaotic love life (Jean-Pierre Léaud).

Gotta admit I only watched it because of Delphine Seyrig, The Fairy of Peau D'Âne (as you may know my #1 movie of all time) and Michael Lonsdale...
Here is a foretaste.

Of course I picked the Indecent proposal line!

Saturday I went for the Dîner de Cons. The play wasn't spectacular as the lines are pretty similar to the movie's but it was ok...I guess.
However, lounging around le Théatre des Variétés again was such a pleasure and full of sense especially since I am reading Nana of Emile Zola these days.

The book takes place at le Théatre des Variétés in the 19th century. I have to confess that I am fascinated by the courtesans world. 
The heroine, Nana was an actress nevertheless, she wasn't famous for her singing skills but known for her courtesan's assets. 

The subdued lightening corridors of the bordel (brothel) *, the smell of the baroque tapestry, walking into Nana's path...

* In Nana, Bordenave, the theater director used to say: "Bienvenue dans mon bordel!" (welcome in my brothel!). 
Indeed, back then the actresses used to sell their charms...

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  1. Cette ambiance te va comme un gant... ( de velours...)