Friday, January 21, 2011

BABA BLING, domestic signs of prosperity in Singapore

The Musée Branly offers us once again a brilliant insight on the South East Asian cultures with its exhibition on the Peranakan

Peranakan means in Malay " locally born" and designate the descendants of Chinese traders that drawn by commerce settled in Malaysia and married local women. Those alliances created a unique hybrid culture fueled with influences from Europe, China, Malaysia and India: the Peranakan culture.

Left: Family picture/ Right: The newly weds

Typical lounge

The biggest embroidered with pearls tablecloth known, the pattern and the colors were supposed to be a good omen for newly weds.

Kebaya, traditional women outfit

The exhibition was so inspiring. The work of embroidery, the outfits, the ornament  were really detailed and rich, definitely worth the visit!

A special big up to Jacques (Chirac of course), yeah let's give to Caesar what is Caesar's: he is the one who had the idea to create a museum focused on foreign cultures and civilizations.
Plus I love the architecture, it's pretty audacious to have built such a contemporary building for a totally traditional theme. It reminds me of Centre Pompidou.

So run, run to the Musée Branly this weekend... The exhibition will be over on the 30th of Jan!

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