Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Paris to the Forbidden City: let's get imperial!

I have always been fascinated by flower hair ornament of the Imperial family of China

And the Hana Kanzachi of Maikos, the Geisha apprentices.

After my trips in the Forbidden City (China) and Kyoto (Japan), I got so infused with imperial images and garnishment that I decided to create a tiara in between the Empress Cixi and the Geisha.

 My skirt comes from the Hmong tribe. The Hmong's ancestors travelled from the steppes of Tibet to the South of China to finally established in the Golden Triangle.
There is this important  diaspora of Hmong in Chiang Mai where their lives are still punctuated and ruled with the tribal traditions, that I went to visit last time I went to Thailand.

The bag is made with salvaged pieces of embroidery that come from minorities tribes of Northern Thailand. The glass bracelets were bought from the Colaba Market of Mumbai.

Cixi Tiara/ City Twig claw/ earrings/ Iroqua sequins bracelet/ Indira belt: Shourouk
Skirt and top: Vintage
Shoes and fur: Isabel Marant
Turquoise bracelet: Harpo