Friday, September 16, 2011

Try a Pan Pan Cul Cul at Pamela Popo!!

It's Friday and finally time to get ready for weekend plans, so if you don't have anything planned yet, might I suggest a great little restaurant to stop by for lunch or dinner with some friends!

Once again Phi Diem, my friend with endless knowledge of hidden hot spots, brought me to a restaurant to check out in Paris...

Pamela Popo, named after Serge Gainsbourg's song of the same name, is a little restaurant in Le Marais near Pont Marie that has well priced food and a laid back, cozy setting that seems as if it was decorated in the 70's.

Took the Zahadee Pasha necklace out to lunch with me :)

The best part of every meal: dessert!

Pamela Popo also has a great selection of delicious cocktails...I recommend the one I had, the Pan Pan Cul Cul!

Phi Diem is over 8 months pregnant, expecting to deliver by the end of the month, and she is the most elegant pregnant woman I have ever seen. She still looks as stylish as ever, even wearing heels like those in the photo below!

Pamela Popo
15 Rue François Miron 
75004 Paris
01 42 74 14 65

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