Friday, September 9, 2011

Paris Fashion Night 2011 at Jean Paul Gaultier

I am glad that Mr Gaultier appreciate my traditional dress from Tunisia.

Lucienne du Petit Journal Canal +


  1. You look super pretty! I love the dress and the necklaces (obviously :-)) you are number one on my christmas wishlist (yes, it's always ready!).
    Good night!

  2. Love the dress, so original and chic! I don't understand why we didn't have a FNO in Brussels so disappointing (OK, there is no Vogue Belgium, but still...) Next time I'll plan a trip to Paris or London...

  3. Thanks everyone! It was such a great night!

  4. You look beautiful Shourouk! I adore the dress - such a great way to combine the old with the new and you look stunning in it! Where did you get it from and is there any way we can find similar dresses online? Thank you!

    - Mariam