Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Elisa Palomino

Elisa is a Mucha's gravure, an artiste, a muse, an inspiration, a talent believer: my most beautiful encounter. 

Feng Shui and vintage addict, baroque opera lover, vulnerably cute, delicate, directly drawn from les Années Folles, Elisa pushes the glamour toward immoderation. 
What is Elisa's style? A vintage kimono ( furry in winter time), silk with floral embroidery ankle boots, Galliano's mermaid dress, colorful stocking from Fogal, her unavoidable chiffon flowers, blushed cheeks and red lips. Feminine as hell whatever the weather.

 Her mood board, a profusion of fabrics, colors. Elisa's work is to create the trends and themes of the collection. She is the only one that can mix different styles together to come up with amazing pieces of fashion.

The newly weds, japanese style and so were the guests. Amazing.

Spanish born, she got majored at St Martin's College of Art in London after what she inspired John Galliano for 8 years where she was the Studio Director. And this is  how I met her.  
She offered me then to follow her to Florence, Italy to work at Roberto Cavalli's House of Couture.
She moved to NY in 2008 as Vice President of Diane Von Furstenberg and she based her eponym company: Elisa Palomino

5 minutes with Elisa that kindly accepted to answer to our questions:

A place where to get breakfast : La Renaissance, Paris
To brunch : Odeon, NY
To drink : Carlyle Hotel, NY
To have diner : Zen Brasserie, NY
A garden : Boboli, Florence
A flower : Iris
A smell : Grey amber
A matter : Velvet
A taste : Violet
A beauty tip: The sea
Favorite lipstick : Mac Lipfix Magenta
A motto : Beauty
A fairytale : The little mermaid
A heroine character : Persephone
A historical heroine : Schiaparelli
A movie : Le Pont des Arts
An era : XVIIth Italiano
A city : Cuenca, Spain
A blog Lotusgreen
An eshop : ebay
Favorite object : My flowers
Object that you are dying for : Nothing
Favorite opera : Orfeo de Monteverdi
Last sin : I don’t remember …
Most inspiring trip : India, always
The day that everyting changed : Our first Fashion show
Best fashion Memory : My first show at Galliano's
The worst one : No comment !

Since I met her I'm calling her Little Fairy, a wink to Peau d'âne's Fairy, my favorite movie.

Check by yourself.

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