Monday, February 28, 2011

Wonder Woman seen by M.A.C

Last Friday, I was at M.A.C's for the launching of their heroic Spring collection. Heroic as its entirely devoted to Wonder Woman. 
This spring will be cartoony epic!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Eat and heat in Chinatown

Bangkok is always in perpetual motion, a funny chaos prevails in the labyrinthine streets: food stalls in the middle of business buildings, people swarming around, heat and so on.  Crazy set for a unforgettable memories.

If you have the chance to drop by Bangkok, I highly recommend you to eat at those traditional food stalls that stand at pretty much every square meter. Authentic food, authentic smiley locals....

Style beats the heat! Manish Arora leggins and Prada heels...

Who's Bag: Naco
Daisy Duke Necklace: Shourouk

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheap and chic at the Gateway of India

In front of the Gateway of India in Mumbai, plenty of old-fashion carriages Indian style decked out with flowery ornaments wait to be shot.
No need to say it twice!

Jean: H&M
Top: Zara
Belt: Sandro
Clutch: Shourouk
Heels: Prada

Monday, February 21, 2011

Here is what you missed last week, Part II

Some publications here and there :

Acid Elektra


Volcano Elektro

Here is what you missed last week: ***Shourouk in Gossip Girl AGAIN****

Let's catch up with what happened last week when I was in off....

One of my necklace sneaked into an episode of Gossip Girl again!

Blue Valtesse


Friday, February 11, 2011

Farewell Mumbai, hello Bangkok!

I'm leaving Mumbai with my brand new Fall/Winter collection in my suitcase. Yay!!
Where to? Bangkok for a week where  I'll be shooting the styles and design my new catalogue! 

Thus it will be a blog diet week for you peeps but I'll be back soon with a lot of pics to share :)
In the meantime, hang on with that...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naco, luxury industry crasher

The other day at Première Classe, I ran into my friend Naco
Credit: Remi Ferrante

Naco is an alien in the planet of fashion, a bundle of energy, a designer, a revolutionary, a party animal, a life-eater seizing every day without thinking of the past : a luxury industry crasher.

Credit: Naco-Paris DR

supa famous for this

Credit: Natydred

He unseemly accepted to reply to our interview:

  •  Naco, what are you dealing with these days? A perfume. I am currently working with Libertin Louison to create a scandalous fragrance with tuberose, an exposure of the fake luxe perfumes.
  • In your last collection " recyclage de luxe" you have used recycled material, but do you really recycle?! I'm trying to do the best I can, I re-use the scraps of collection to interior design purpose, I use biodegradable fabrics and recycle the dyeing water.
  • What is the last un-punkiest thing you've done? Buying a bag Comme des Garçons, drinking a tisane last night!
  • Admit it, when you were teenager you used to look at...boys' butts and their zippers...
  • According to you, who is the lamest revolutionary of the History? John Galliano.
  • What shameful song do you have in your ipod? Circus songs...(there is an explanation though).
  • What it-bag is a piece of shit? What girl goes with it? No comment.
  • In your Who's line what is your next target? Bye bye Carine.
  • I am currently working on bracelets crystallized with words, what would like me to write? Moche.
  • By the way, I am going to NY soon, do you have any addresses to advise?  The Cock, the latest possible.
  • A place where to get breakfast? My office or on a beach in Bali.
  • To brunch: Café Mogador, New York.
  • To drink: At my friends' Marine and Jean.
  • A garden: A town park in the north of France where I grew up.
  • A flower: Tuberose or chrysanthemum.
  • A taste: Soy sauce.
  • A beauty tip: Moisturizing cream Weleda, hydratant lumineux Mac, 2 liters of water before going to bed.
  • A motto: Do it yourself.
  • A fairytale: I'm not concerned.
  • A heroine character: Ciccolina.
  • A historical heroine: Ciccolina.
  • A movie: Who are you Polly Magoo, William Klein.
  • An era: Now, even if it sucks and it's tough, there is a lot to be done.
  • A city: New York.
  • A blog: Diane Pernet.
  • An e-shop: Dover Street Market
  • Your favorite object: A tantric stone that has been energized by the river that pass through a temple in India.
  • Object of desire: A pair of Prada shoes S/S 11, I'm trying to resist.
  • Music that make you shake your booty: Chopin, Patty Smith and Lady Gaga
  • Last sin: Partying too much, 2 days ago
  • The day when everything changed: When I was 12...
  • Best fashion memory: It was 15 years ago, Jean Colonna fashion show at l'Elysées Montmartre.
  • The worst: There is a lot...
  • A vintage store: Mamie, 9ème.
  • Most inspiring trip: The first time I went to Bali...