Friday, May 27, 2011

Frida Kahlo Series: Uños Cuantos Piquetitos Tiara

This piece is named after one of my favorite works by Frida Kahlo, Uños Cuantos Piquetitos (A Few Small Nips). The painting, shown in the background of the photo below, depicts a murdered woman laying in a bed with the perpetrator standing over her. Kahlo explained that the painting was inspired by the stabbing of a woman by her drunken boyfriend who told the judge, "I only gave her a few small nips".

I love the look of the bracelets all mixed together, many of which are actually designed by a good friend of mine, Louise Gos.
Photographer: Zoe Armbruster
Necklaces and Tiara: Shourouk
Heels: Chanel
Dress: Isabel Marant
Ceinture: Found in Thailand
Bracelets: Mix of Vintage, Louise Gos and Frieda & Nellie from Barney's New York
Bag: Vintage