Thursday, October 20, 2011

La Fiancée Volage-The Unfaithful Fiancée

The New Wave Collection has three new styles of rings: the Bernadette, Lucienne, and Louise. Ever since I got the samples, I have kept at least one of them on at all times; I love the allure of them and how edgy yet classy they look.

They work with any outfit, from a night out to everyday wear. I like them so much, I decided we had to have a photo shoot all about them!

My inspiration came from old-fashioned French engagement rings and the hand ornaments worn by Indian courtesans dancing the Khatak for the Mughal royal court. 


  1. Love it! The rings are all so pretty... No special occasion needed to get such a beautiful ring :-)

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  3. I've never know about this topic. It’s really interesting to read.. I like this blog to know about new things. Thanks for this.

  4. Gros coup de coeur pour la bague ressemblant légèrement à une fleur.

    Mais, question: est-ce une bague ou bien ce qui se nomme "claws" dans la boutique en ligne, c'est à dire plusieurs bagues attachées? Auquel cas, je pleure.

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