Friday, June 10, 2011

Flower Profusion Interview with France de Griessen

France, what are you working on at the moment?
I recently finished my album, “Electric Ballerina” which is set for its digital release on July 4th and will be available in stores September 26th. The album is a metaphor for the life of an artist trying to find a balance.

Why did you choose this florist?
I chose this florist because they have the most beautiful roses. I love their irregularity and refined colors. I also do a lot of watercolor painting so I really relate to the poetry of colors.

What is the least punk thing you have done lately?
I love watching old aerobics videos on Youtube.

What is the first CD you bought?
I bought the New York Dolls album because I liked the cover of the album. I loved punk glam records with the guys wearing makeup and the extravagant outfits.

 When you were a teenager, you confess to having looked at…
Photos of Diane Arbus and Larry Clark

Can you tell us about your meeting with Bruce LaBruce?
I loved working with Bruce LaBruce, and I love his work. We had an epistolary contact and I ended up sending him a copy of my album. He liked my music and several months later asked if he could use one of my songs for his movie trailer. Later, I met him in Berlin to do the music video for my song “I Want to be You" produced by Le Chat Qui Fume.

 Why did you choose to collaborate with him?
He has a predilection for romance and trash and is a master of colors. He is a longtime Hollywood director of dreamlike and trash films who has no equivalent.

What is one song you are ashamed to admit to having on your iPod?             

What is your story with cats? The focus for your next project?
I have two cats. The animal represents us well with their instincts. My watercolor paintings are a bit like my emotional journal. I don’t eat animals though.

So you have a tattoo fetish. Which of your tattoos is your favorite?
My garter tattoo. The passion of playing music is very sensual. I wanted to choose a symbol and raise the sensuality to sexuality.

I am in the process of making bracelets with words on them, any suggestions? Freedom

Which song do you want to put with your interview?
The music video by Bruce.

Somewhere to have breakfast: In the desert of New Mexico
Somewhere to have brunch: l'Autre Café near metro stop Parmentier
Somewhere to have a drink: l'Hotel next to l’Ecole des Beaux Arts
A park or garden: Central Park
A flower: Ancient rose with little stained petals and irregular colors
A material: Lace
A flavor: Mango
Your best beauty secret: Being vegetarian
Farovite lipstick color: Russian Red     
Motto: I will do it anyway
A fairy tale: The Red Shoes
A swear word: Fuck
A fictional heroine: Joyce Carol Oates
A historical heroine: Marie La Forêt
An artist: Johnny Thunders
A movie:“Gas, Food, Lodging” by Allison Anders
An era: Now
A city: Los Angeles
Favorite object: Guitar
Coveted object: A plane ticket to Nashville
Music that makes you shake your booty: The Dukes
Last sin: I don’t believe in sins
A life-changing dayThe day I told myself “I can do it”
Best memory in music: A “No Amp, No Mic” gig I did recently
Worst memory in music: I learn from my mistakes and don’t think about them after that.
Vintage boutique:“She Tiger Vintage” of Nashville (on eBay)
Most memorable trip you have taken: Nashville

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