Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Painted Ladies and Painted Walls of San Francisco

I have a few final photos from my trip to San Francisco, taken in the Mission District of the city, an eclectic underground neighborhood with a strong latin history. The small side streets are filled with creative wall displays from the local graffiti street artists, giving the area its urban flair.

The first picture shows a few of San Francisco's historic "Painted Ladies" near Alamo Square that are a must-see for tourists. The name "Painted Ladies" derives from their Victorian style and their many bright colors; this infamous row on Steiner Street even makes an appearance in the opening credits of Full House!
I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to see Diego Rivera's mural during my visit as well.
After seeing the Rivera mural and some of the other murals around The Mission, I wondered where these artists got their ideas for their work, and thought it would be interesting to know where everyone gets their inspiration, what inspires you to create? From music to fashion, where do you draw your ideas from?


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