Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dante 5: Interview with Alessandra Legrottaglie and Anna dello Russo!!

We have an exclusive interview to share with you from one of the boutiques we have the pleasure of working with, Dante 5!! We are also happy to share that one of our pieces made it into the photo shoot for it as well! Fashion blog RP&B recently interviewed the Italian boutique's Alessandra Legrottaglie and Vogue's Anna dello Russo, creators of Dante 5 Women.

The interview details a story that began at an early age with the friendship of two women who grew up together, both in love with fashion. At 9 (Alessandra) and 12 (Anna), the girls were already pulling pieces from their mothers' closets and putting together outfits, planning their dreams to be a part of the fashion world when they grew up. The photo above shows Alessandra wearing our Rita Cadillac necklace, which you can get online on our e-shop!
Thanks for the story RP&B, and thank you ladies for wearing one of our pieces!
Check out the interview HERE if you know Italian, if not, there is always Google Translate!

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