Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beauty Secret

Hello Ladies,

This one is for you! I've been willing to write this post a while ago... These are my favorite beauty products, the ones that I never go out without.

Aqua Allegoria Tiaré Mimosa, Guerlain.

A year ago, my friend Phi Diem praised Fred Farrugia's make up. So handy since  there is all what you need for your day-to day make up in one single item. PLUS you're the one who choose how to mix your palette. From lipstick to eyeliner with your own shades. You HAVE to try the lipstick: a cream+ powder combo for a petal effect. Ok I confess, I'm a Fred Farrugia's addict!

Meteorites, Guerlain.

Oh my Touche Eclat! I'm so into it and afraid of running out that I always have an extra one!

Moisturize, moisturize!

Never without my It wave lipstick, for volcanic lips.

Uslu airlines "MPO 1608" for my nails, only at Colette.

Stay fly!!!

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  1. I like the pics' atmosphere. Look like a mix between ancient & modern items.