Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naco, luxury industry crasher

The other day at Première Classe, I ran into my friend Naco
Credit: Remi Ferrante

Naco is an alien in the planet of fashion, a bundle of energy, a designer, a revolutionary, a party animal, a life-eater seizing every day without thinking of the past : a luxury industry crasher.

Credit: Naco-Paris DR

supa famous for this

Credit: Natydred

He unseemly accepted to reply to our interview:

  •  Naco, what are you dealing with these days? A perfume. I am currently working with Libertin Louison to create a scandalous fragrance with tuberose, an exposure of the fake luxe perfumes.
  • In your last collection " recyclage de luxe" you have used recycled material, but do you really recycle?! I'm trying to do the best I can, I re-use the scraps of collection to interior design purpose, I use biodegradable fabrics and recycle the dyeing water.
  • What is the last un-punkiest thing you've done? Buying a bag Comme des Garçons, drinking a tisane last night!
  • Admit it, when you were teenager you used to look at...boys' butts and their zippers...
  • According to you, who is the lamest revolutionary of the History? John Galliano.
  • What shameful song do you have in your ipod? Circus songs...(there is an explanation though).
  • What it-bag is a piece of shit? What girl goes with it? No comment.
  • In your Who's line what is your next target? Bye bye Carine.
  • I am currently working on bracelets crystallized with words, what would like me to write? Moche.
  • By the way, I am going to NY soon, do you have any addresses to advise?  The Cock, the latest possible.
  • A place where to get breakfast? My office or on a beach in Bali.
  • To brunch: Café Mogador, New York.
  • To drink: At my friends' Marine and Jean.
  • A garden: A town park in the north of France where I grew up.
  • A flower: Tuberose or chrysanthemum.
  • A taste: Soy sauce.
  • A beauty tip: Moisturizing cream Weleda, hydratant lumineux Mac, 2 liters of water before going to bed.
  • A motto: Do it yourself.
  • A fairytale: I'm not concerned.
  • A heroine character: Ciccolina.
  • A historical heroine: Ciccolina.
  • A movie: Who are you Polly Magoo, William Klein.
  • An era: Now, even if it sucks and it's tough, there is a lot to be done.
  • A city: New York.
  • A blog: Diane Pernet.
  • An e-shop: Dover Street Market
  • Your favorite object: A tantric stone that has been energized by the river that pass through a temple in India.
  • Object of desire: A pair of Prada shoes S/S 11, I'm trying to resist.
  • Music that make you shake your booty: Chopin, Patty Smith and Lady Gaga
  • Last sin: Partying too much, 2 days ago
  • The day when everything changed: When I was 12...
  • Best fashion memory: It was 15 years ago, Jean Colonna fashion show at l'Elysées Montmartre.
  • The worst: There is a lot...
  • A vintage store: Mamie, 9ème.
  • Most inspiring trip: The first time I went to Bali...

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