Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plastic is fantastic...

...this is Julie Pasquet's motto.

After learning the ropes at the prestigious Houses of Couture of Christian Lacroix and Barbara Bui, Julie became our muse. 
She left the nest a couple of months ago to create her own eponym jewelry brand Julie Pasquet. We love her quirky Wonderland full of Lego, funky stags or sarcastic feathers.

Watchout people, keep an eye on her! She will make some noise pretty soon.

All the best lil' Julie, you deserve it!!!! Shourouk Sassyview this Friday...

Photographer: Laura Chivet 
Assistant photographer: Chloe Magel
Stylism: Julie Pasquet & Laura Chivet
Accessories : Julie Pasquet 
Necklace: Lily Joe Shourouk
Bracelets : Iroqua bracelets sequins Shourouk

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