Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas Wish list

I have been crazy busy lately with the end of the year deliveries and writing my annual letter to Santa!!

Dear Santa,

I bet you are doing well and that you're enjoying that crappy weather. No chitchatting, let's get right to the point. Here's my xmas wish list:


I know, it's a bit pricy and that I didn't really behave this year, even if I promised to, however I am sure you can make a nice gesture for me (especially since you're earning sooooo much money with all the royalties the Coca Cola Company transfers to your offshore account every 17 seconds). Otherwise some mangos from Thailand would be just fine...

Many thanks also to Anne Sofie for her Dream Christmas Wishlist and to Sulaika Zarrouk of Felix Rey for her xmas list!!

Dresses: Miu Miu

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