Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bangkok Lifestyle

Hi guys I am currently in Bangkok for half work half  holidays !!!

As each season I am shooting my catalogue in Bangkok, theme of new collection « New wave » !!

I am staying at my friend condo, his appartment is just amazing it is a smart combination of baroque, art and animal skin, maybe Indiana Jones used to live here (or Tarzan) !!! Haha Pierre I am kidding !!!

I don’t know since I arrived in bkk can’t stop eating and eating here are my new best spots.
OK it’s not thaï food !! but believe me in Thailand the food is good in every food stalls that stand in every square meter.
Isao one of the best japonese in town.

If you are in Bangkok and for I don’t know which reason you wanted to be in middle east I recommend you Mozu in Silom (State tower) there you can have some fallafel and indian dishes.

After Mozu if you still want to be in Cairo atmosphere you can stop at Nana Station and get a Narguile !!

I leave Bangkok in 2 days for Hong kong !!! keep you posted !
Have a lovely summer


  1. Great pictures! Cannot wait to see the new collection's catalogue...

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