Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hi guys!

We took some time to freshen up and are coming back with a new website!
Check out or Fall 2012 collection made with PVC.

It was heartbreaking for me to live our first studio at the 184 St-martin street.
It's where it all began!

But it was really worth it! Our new studio is now in a charming area between bastille and St-Paul.

We have a lovely studio that feels more like a summer camp than a work place!


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  2. Shourouk! I LOVE your new website - it really does your beautiful work justice! But let me tell you, I was freaking out because I couldn't find the "blog" link, so I thought you must've dismantled your blog and for a few minutes there, I was in shock because I love your blog! It inspires me and it opens worlds to me, so I am glad your blog is still here! Please don't ever discard it! Your new studio looks amazing and oh so homey - congrats! I am glad things are going well for you =)

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